Lead Roofing

Lead is a traditional form of roofing that has been used for many years, and is particularly common on older buildings. Milled lead roofing is a mass produced product that benefits from a precision finish, so can be used in commercial buildings, as well as homes.

Benefits of Lead Roofs

Lead has a long lifespan, is flexible, durable and corrosion-free. It is also highly effective as a sealant. Not only that, but it is recyclable and is considered one of the greenest building materials with a very low carbon footprint. There are various different types of lead roofing, such as milled, sand cast, and machine cast, making it highly versatile and suited to different buildings.

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  • Lead Sheet Roofs
  • Lead Side Cheeks to Dormers
  • Lead Box Gutters
  • Chimney Gutters
  • Flashings to parapet walls and chimney stacks.
  • Installation of lead slates for flue pipes that penetrate slate, tile or flat roofs.